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About Inshore

The company behind the blue box.

Inshore Fisheries Limited is a third generation owned and operated fish processing and harvesting company, located in the small French Acadian community of Pubnico. Since 1944, the d’Entremont family of Inshore Fisheries has supplied a variety of the finest quality of North Atlantic fish to customers throughout Canada and USA. Inshore maintained our previous generations values which have brought us to the present, ensureing the same quality of customer service that only a family operated business can provide persists.


Inshore Fisheries strives to provide every customer large or small with the personalized service, versatility and commitment that only a family owned and operated company can provide. All Inshore Fisheries Products are processed under the strictest specifications to meet quality control and sanitization requirements. With our multiple certifications, we are committed to ensuring the delivery of safe and sustainable seafood to our customers. 


With different clients, we have adapted through the years. Fresh or frozen groundfish sales, we are always looking for any opportunity that is presented to us. With our close affliation with a lobster bait company, we can offer fresh & frozen lobster bait. Become part of our family and contact us anytime.


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